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    Conventional Loans

Our Most Popular Loan

Conventional loans are our most popular and versatile loan option. They're simple enough for the first-time homebuyer, but robust enough for the savvy real-estate investor. The best part? The stronger your financial health, the better rate you may get.

If you agree with any of the below, a conventional loan may be best for you!



You want to avoid mortgage insurance.


Down Payment

You can afford more than the min. of 3%.


Strong Credit

You have strong credit that's at least 620.



You're looking to remodel your home.



This is a primary, 2nd, or investment home.

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    "I'm so glad we used Network Funding to buy our first home. They made it really easy for us."

    Ana & Nathaneal, Texas
  • "I got a great rate, but the customer service was just as, if not more, important than the rate."

    Matt, Texas
  • “The Loan Process was so easy. It was the best we have ever been through, by far!”

    Nicole & Upton Florida
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*Disclaimer, Assumptions, & FAQs


The information on this page is not meant to be a quote. So if you want an ACTUAL interest rate quote or if you're just curious what you may be eligible for, just ask us!

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) effective 9/15/17. Rates based on NFLP’s average customer FICOs for 2017. Rates may change or not be available at the time of lock. Not an offer to enter into an interest rate or discount point agreement. Any such agreement may only be made in writing by both the borrower and the lender. Network Funding, LP reserves the right to change or cancel this offer without notice. Subject to applicable laws and regulations. Monthly payment excludes mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance, property taxes and HOA.


For the information discussed on this page, we're assuming the following: $300,000 purchase. $291,000 loan amount. $1410 P&I. 4.125%(4.618% APR). 751 FICO.

How can I avoid PMI with a Conventional Loan?

You can avoid PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) through one of two ways: 1) Put 20% or more down on your home purchase. 2) Use a second lien to keep keep your first lien at or below 80% of the value/price of your home.

When is it best to put more down on a Conventional Loan?

It depends on your situation. Typically improvements on rate and terms happen in increments of 5% (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%). Putting 7% down, for example, is not generally going to get you more favorable terms than 5% down; so to see an improvement, you would most likely need to put 10% down. Most of the time, our recommendation is that if you cannot reach the next increment of 5%, to just do the one that you can.

What are my options for remodeling with a Conventional Loan?

Your options will vary based on the intended purpose of the house (primary, vacation, investment), the scope of the remodel, your timeline & your equity. There are some loan programs where certain types of improvements can be financed into the loan (such as the Fannie Mae HomeStyle program), in other cases you may need to do a second lien after closing.

Can I buy a vacation or investment home with a Conventional Loan?

Yes. Assuming you qualify to carry the debt in addition to your primary residence.

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